5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant in 2019

Now obviously there are countless reasons as to why you might want or need to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2019.

The main purpose, of course, is to save yourself time right?

Perhaps there are better thing you would rather be doing with your time. And maybe you are tired of paying Tiffany twenty dollars an hour at the front desk just so she can Snapchat?

Listen up business owners and listen good! Here are 5 reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant this year.

1. Tis’ The Season to Travel

Imagine this. A beautiful sunny Monday morning, no more than 80 degrees outside. The sky is blue, the seagulls are overhead, and the smell of fresh salty air is filling your lungs.

You’re lounging chin on forearms in an infinity pool with a gorgeous straw hut behind you, a Mimosa in hand. Nothing but miles and miles of clear blue waters ahead of you.

The waters are so clear you can see the luscious white sands beneath. You can clearly see the fish moseying on their way.

You are here, in Bora Bora on a freaking Monday morning! Not navigating through the California traffic to get to work on time!

Why is this? Because you opted to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2019, and now you have the time to enjoy all the places around the world that you’ve always wanted to.

Shoot- you’ve worked your buns off for your business- built it from the ground up. Now you only need to handle the backend business endeavors!

Handing those simple daily tasks off to someone else for a change has allowed you a delicious kind of freedom on a Monday morning.

2. Spend Some Time with Junior

Perhaps this image of pure paradise bliss doesn’t tickle your fancy? Try instead, to imagine yourself at the park with your family, on a charming Wednesday afternoon.

You’re teaching your son how to ride his bike for the first time. Your daughter is playing volleyball in the sand courts with your beautiful wife.

Why Wednesday you ask? Why aren’t you at work?

Because you’re the boss and you aren’t dealing with those daily, humdrum responsibilities at work on this fine Wednesday afternoon!

No sir- this time you have entrusted them to your responsible Virtual Assistant.

No more paying some Kardashian look-a-like to answer your phones and follow up with leads for twenty dollars an hour.

You are paying a Virtual Assistant for only $9 an hour- and believe you me- you’re getting a better bang for your buck than with Tiffany over there filing her nails on your clock.

3. Focus On Your Business

Perhaps you aren’t impressed by either of those?

Maybe you are tired of taking the phone calls, or following up with the leads? You’ve built your business from the ground up, and now maybe you would rather focus on other aspects of your business?

You’re now ready to hand those daily chores off to your Virtual Assistant so that you can work your product into different store fronts now. Maybe create more business relationships, company partnerships, etc.

Well good news pal- now you can, by simply hiring a Virtual Assistant in 2019.

4. Save Your Money

Who doesn’t want to save money, let’s be honest?

Nothing in this world is cheap anymore. However, there are ways to get more for your money now. You just have to know where to look.

A Virtual Assistant, for example, is a great place to begin your penny-pinching ventures! You could certainly try hiring a personal assistant to come in, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, to answer the phones.

But you will also need to pay this assistant somewhere between 15 and 20 dollars an hour right?

But then you also have to consider the fact that you will need to take out your own personal time to teach and train this assistant.

To be at work everyday for their questions, and to keep an eye on their work ethic in order to make sure they aren’t updating their Tinder profile on the job.

Maybe it’s time to entrust a Virtual Assistant.

No longer shall you take phone calls, or babysit your assistant at the office! Train your Virtual Assistant, and let them take on the work while also being managed by Task Bullet!

5. Save Yourself the Hassle

Oh the hassle! The hassle of interviewing 10 different people to fill the position you are hiring for. The hassle of people quitting, or asking for raises, or playing candy crush on the clock.

The hassle the hassle.

But what can you do? You either hire someone to manage those daily tasks for you, or you do it yourself and take time away from other aspects of the business that need your attention.

You are not at a dead end, trust us. There is light at the end of this tunnel- take a look!

What is that? Is it a bird? A plane? A spaceship?

Oh duh! Of course! It’s a Task Bullet Virtual Assistant- here to save the day. Again!

Sure, you can hire any ol Virtual Assistant through a company. You’ll still have to manage their time, their hours, their work, etc. And is that really saving you the hassle?

Not really.

Luckily there is Task Bullet.

Choosing a Task Bullet Virtual Assistant isn’t like hiring a regular ol’ VA. No Task Bullet actually makes sure your Virtual Assistant is getting work done. They make sure they are working their hours, and are available when you need them.

There is no worrying with a Task Bullet VA- you can be rest assured that your accounts are being taken care of efficiently and timely- hassle free.